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KS1 Game Developers- Egg Drop Project

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 Well done Robin Class for evaluating your games, fantastic!  I can see you are working very hard.
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In Year 1 and 2 we become game developers!

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Can you get the little green egg through the enchanted forest?

The Egg Drop Journey

On the first day, we began our egg drop project by reading the story 'Egg drop' by Mini Grey. We designed our own eggs and wrote character profiles for them. 
The next day, we had a visit from a little green egg from our own class enchanted forest. Mrs Wilson told us that he wasn't real, but created by technology called Augmented reality. We thought he was quite magical, especially when he sat with us on the carpet and on our tables! We decided he looked like a very friendly egg creature and we wanted him to stay. Mysteriously, just as he arrived, he disappeared again. We were disappointed, so we decided to write missing posters to try to find him around the school.
Our final task was to develop our computing skills and become game creators. We decided to use the Little Green Egg as a character for our games and his mission was to return back to the enchanted forest. We designed characters, backgrounds, platforms and game layouts. 
We became advertisers and explored persuasive words and phrases when we wrote and recorded our advertising campaigns for our very own enchanted forest egg drop computer games.

Can you get the little green egg through the enchanted forest?
Trial our games! 



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