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Please view training materials listed in top right, after browsing through, please ask SScholes to then show you how to use on any issues you need clarifying.

Folder Structures
When designing and implementing your department structure - please note the following:
The Intranet/VLE works to a folder hierarchy based on parent and child format

To add a folder to the left hand frame, select the Group or Sub Group that you wish to add the folder to

Create a folder from the resources area whilst within the Group or Sub Group that you wish to add the resource

Create a new folder

Check the Display members of the Group/Sub Group to ensure you have enabled the correct students and staff members

Add a resource to the folder you have created



To add a folder into a folder – you need to be within the folder area that you wish to add to, then select Resource menu and add a folder


This folder will not be displayed in the left hand frame of the top Group or Sub Group unless you are in its direct parent folder, but will be shown in the top middle frame to show the hierarchy of the folder structure (see below)

This ensures that the left hand frame doesn’t become too congested

Please consider this when deciding how to setup your folder structures





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