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This is a subject that offers students breadth and variety in terms of skills and lesson experiences. In Media, students get the best of both worlds; the theory and analytical skills enjoyed in subjects like English and History mixed with the creativity and resourcefulness of practical subjects like Art and Product Design.  Media studies is always ‘current’ and fast paced but the benefits of such a subject is career opportunities; in an unstable climate, we offer a pathway into further study and the many avenues that Media can open up for the future.

Our Aims

-          To offer lessons that nurture individual creativity whilst offering opportunities for students to work in groups and learn the value of teamwork


-          To provide the backbone of theory and analysis so that students can become independent learners when viewing and evaluating the Media in the 21st century.


-          To prepare students for higher education by giving them the necessary practical and theoretical skills to go into a career related to ‘Media’ and ‘The Media Industry’


Departmental Staffing


Miss H. Bedford; Media and English teacher


Mrs N. Atkinson; Media and English teacher


Miss E. Stokes; Head of Department


KS3 Years 7 & 8

At Key Stage Three, students will experience Media Studies as part of their English lessons with a view of selecting Media studies as a GCSE option in Year 8.

Year 7 - includes a half term scheme of work based around superheroes. This introduces ‘character’ types and allows students to plan and create storyboards of their own superhero story. It will give students the opportunity to consider the idea of ‘genre’ with a focus on audience’s expectations for the superhero genre.
Year 8 – after Christmas students choose their preferred module to study; this includes dystopian fiction and texts from other cultures. Teachers will make use of moving image (e.g. films, documentaries) during this module and analyse media texts alongside the actual texts. In some of these options students will be given the chance to plan/film their own production in groups.
We are currently launching a Media lunchtime club to begin after Christmas in 2015 for Year 7 and 8. This will be an exciting opportunity for students to become involved in a range of activities from discussions about the latest film releases to filming and editing their own pieces, some of which will be entered in local and national competitions. 
Curriculum at Key Stage Four

 Exam Board: AQA Media Studies Exam Board

Course Breakdown: Coursework 40%, Exam 60%

For coursework, students produce three assignments (two independent and one group) where they will study a variety of media texts.  The exam consists of one paper based around a topic that changes annually –this year it is Television News. They will study real media texts in class and be asked to research independently to further this understanding. There are four questions that cover different values and ideologies presented in the given area but also consider audience response and current debates in society

This year we are taking the Year 11s to the Bradford Media museum for a Television Workshop in order to support their practical skills in their coursework and behind the scenes knowledge of professional filming and editing which links to their exam topic. It will include sessions taken by a media professional where small groups will be involved in filming and editing a series of Television adverts which we will take away at the end of the session

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