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Physical Education it for life.

Aidan Pass - Head of PE

Aidan Pass – Head of Physical Education

Liz Bottomley – Teacher of Physical Education

Liz Crichton – Teacher of Physical Education/Head of Year 10

Mike Knowles – Teacher of Physical Education

Max Mills – Teacher of Physical Education

Paul Stansfield – Teacher of Physical Education/Assistant Head

Rachel Thomas – Teacher of Physical Education



At St John Fisher Catholic High School we aim to realise every pupils potential with a dedication to participation and performance. The PE department commits fully to both curricular and extra curricular activities that provide pupils with opportunities that help to motivate and engage in a lifelong commitment to physical activity. We aim to raise achievement, self esteem and contribute to the wider community.

Physical Education has a unique contribution to make to the overall development of the students in terms of personal, social and physical attributes.

Students should experience a Physical Education Curriculum which continually stresses the true value of sporting involvement and physical activity:

In developing positive attitudes, encouraging a sense of responsibility to oneself and others as individuals, whilst generating a sense of fairness, honest involvement and good behaviour

In ensuring safe participation, recognising and following relevant rules, laws, codes, etiquette and safety procedures for different activities

In promoting health and positive lifestyles through physical activity, this being of equal importance at all levels of ability


Extra Curricular activities play an important part in SJFCHS life and as a department we run extra curricular clubs in, football, netball, rugby, hockey, cricket, cross country, athletics, rounders, fitness, basketball, badminton, tennis and table tennis. We also provide opportunities for pupils to take part in gymnastics, Thai boxing, golf, climbing, urban funk, lacrosse, kick boxing, volleyball with the use of external coaches. With our resident Sports Development Officer, Sarah Jones we are able to access a diverse range of activities, allowing a wide range of pupils to engage in physical activity outside of the curriculum.

Many of our teams enjoy success in the latter stages of District, County and National competitions and many of our individual athletes and sportspeople compete at National level.

Leadership courses and programmes feature strongly in key stage four and are delivered as part of the core PE programme.

The Department has the use of the following facilities to support the curriculum:

4 tennis courts

5 netball courts

Rugby pitch

3 football pitches

Basketball court

Indoor 5 a side football court

Fully equipped Fitness Suite


4 Badminton Courts

Volleyball Court

2 Rounders Pitches

Floodlit Hardcourt area

Physical Education Classroom

Key Stage 3

Core Physical Education is compulsory for all students. The lessons provided are four, one hour periods per fortnight.  

Throughout the key stage pupils will study units of work on;

Rugby, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Orienteering, Outdoor Adventurous Activities, Problem Solving and Team Building, Cross Country Running, Track and Field Athletics, Dance, Badminton, Tennis and Cricket for the boys.

Netball, Orienteering, Outdoor Adventurous Activities, Problem Solving and Team Building, Cross-Country Running, Dance, Football, Badminton, Tag rugby, Rounders, Volleyball, Tennis and Track and Field Athletics for the girls.


Key Stage 4 Core Physical Education

Core PE is compulsory for all students. The lessons provided are two, one hour lessons of PE per fortnight. Throughout the year the pupils will study a range of units of work that may include: Rugby, Football, Athletics, Basketball, Invasion Games, Netball, Volleyball, Sports Leaders, Gymnastics, Health Related Fitness, World Games, Cross Country, Tennis, Badminton, Rounders and Cricket.

There are a number of key concepts that underpin the study of PE. Pupils need to understand these concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding. They are as follows:


Developing control of whole-body skills and fine manipulation skills, Selecting and using skills, tactics and compositional ideas effectively in different types of physical activity, Responding with body and mind to the demands of an activity, Adapting to a widening range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts.


Understanding how the components of competence combine, and applying them to produce effective outcomes. Knowing and understanding what needs to be achieved, critically evaluating how well it has been achieved and finding ways to improve. Appreciating how to make adjustments and adaptations when performing in different contexts i.e. working individually, in groups or teams. Understanding the nature of success in different types of activity.


Using imaginative ways to express and communicate ideas, solve problems and overcome challenges. Exploring and experimenting with techniques, tactics and compositional ideas to produce efficient and effective outcomes.

Healthy, active lifestyles

Understanding that physical activity contributes to the healthy functioning of the body and mind and is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Recognising that regular physical activity that is fit for purpose, safe and enjoyable has the greatest impact on physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Key processes

These are the essential skills and processes in PE that pupils need to learn to make progress.

Developing skills in physical activity

Pupils should be able to refine and adapt skills into techniques, develop the range of skills they use and develop the precision, control and fluency of their skills.

Making and applying decisions

Pupils should be able to select and use tactics, strategies and compositional ideas effectively in different creative, competitive and challenge-type contexts. Refine and adapt ideas and plans in response to changing circumstances. Plan and implement what needs practising to be more effective in performance. Recognise hazards and make decisions about how to control any risks to themselves and others.

Developing physical and mental capacity

Pupils should be able to develop their physical strength, stamina, speed and flexibility to cope with the demands of different activities. Develop their mental determination to succeed.

Evaluating and improving

Pupils should be able to analyse performances, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Make decisions about what to do to improve their performance and the performance of others. Act on these decisions in future performances. Be clear about what they want to achieve in their own work and what they have actually achieved.

Making informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles

Pupils should be able to identify the types of activity they are best suited to. Identify the types of role they would like to take on. Make choices about their involvement in healthy physical activity.

Throughout all of the cycles pupils are formatively assessed by the staff on these 6 key processes.


Key Stage Four

Physical Education GCSE

GCSE PE can be opted for to begin in Year 9. The course runs for three years and follows the AQA exam board. Pupils are able to access three different levels of exam and Short Course, Full Course and  Double Award. Pupils study GCSE PE for five lessons per fortnight: one practical each week and three theory lesson over the two weeks. Further course details can be found in the Examination Course of the Physical Education Website pages.

Key Stage 5

AS/A2 Level  Physical Education

All A level classes in PE study through five lessons per fortnight using the AQA exam board. Each area is taught by a different member of staff who specialises in that area therefore pupils get a high calibre of teaching and a wide range of teaching styles. This is a traditional AS level that can be combined with other AS levels across the school. There is the option to continue the AS level to A2 Level. Further course details can be found in the Examination Course of the Physical Education Website pages.



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