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 Year 12 General Studies at St Aidan’s - GCE AS Level

Awarding body AQA


The AS General Studies specification is delivered to year 12 students within a Religious Studies General programme. This takes place in one timetabled lesson per week.


The programme is divided into three cycles.


The first cycle provides the foundation for all students to develop their awareness and understanding of faith related issues and the cycle content covers aspects of the General Studies specification, including the discussion of moral and ethical issues.

The second cycle addresses the Culture and Society Unit of the General Studies Specification.

The third cycle addresses the Science and Society Unit of the General Studies Specification.


Assessment involves structured writing, objective test questions, source evaluation exercises and essays. Assignments are completed in class time.


Examination structure:

Unit 1 AS Culture and Society. One and a half hours written examination. 50% of AS


Unit 2 AS Science and Society. One and a half hours written examination. 50% of AS



General Religious Education at St John Fisher - GCE AS Level

Awarding body AQA


From September 2010, year 12 General RE students will study the AQA GCE Religious Studies syllabus focusing on Religion, Art and the Media and in year 13 will focus on Buddhism. Those who choose to, will sit the AS exam in year 13.


Extended Project Qualification


Students will have the opportunity in Year 12 to take part in the AQA Level 3 Extended Project Qualification.  The programme is designed to increase the breadth and depth of study in their selected subject area, and to gain essential skills for University or Employment applications.  We are aware that competition for University placements is increasing, and that predicted A Level grades alone will not guarantee an offer.   By offering this programme we hope to strengthen our students’ applications and prospects.


The Extended Project gives students more control over their studies than ever before.  Students can choose to explore a further aspect of a subject they are studying, or another subject, or simply choose a topic in which they have a personal interest.  The stages of the project are:


·         choose a topic to study

·         complete a production log to document the project process

plan, research and carry out the project

·         prepare a presentation on the outcome.


The finished project can be a written report, a performance, a piece of art, a community project, a CD or DVD, or even computer software.  This level of choice and flexibility means students are engaged and motivated, and gain valuable research and project management skills along the way.  Students will have regular contact with their supervisor to support them through the project. 


Students who complete the Level 3 EPQ will also have the option of seeking accreditation on the AQA Baccalaureate Diploma.

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