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Gifted and Talented

The success of our students is regularly championed in the local press, catholic diocesan newspapers, and school newsletters as well as on this school website. If your son or daughter has done something amazing outside of school, please get in contact with us so that we may celebrate their success too!


Engaging and working with parents and the community is a vital part of providing all our gifted and talented learners with a stimulating and motivated education. We hope that you will encourage your child to embrace all the opportunities that are on offer at St. John Fisher, within and external to the classroom.


As parents, you can help support your child in a number of ways:


·         Praising achievement and progress

·         Providing an effective learning environment at home

·         Taking an active interest in their school work (including homework)

·         Encouraging discussion and questioning about their education

·         Visiting museums, galleries and exhibitions in areas of interest to them

·         Providing exposure to a range of skills, challenges and new experiences

·         Actively encouraging their hobbies

·         Not always focusing on your child’s obvious strengths; but encouraging them to sample new activities


And, above all,


By maintaining contact with the school to help support the all-round development of your son/daughter both academically and personally. Access to performance and achievement information is readily available through the My Child At School network.


Should you require further clarification of policy, want to get involved with helping us to provide opportunities for inspiration and challenge of our students at SJF or have further ideas for stretching and challenging our students further do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Dimond at



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