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This is a double or a single award subject.  It is useful for those wishing to pursue a career in health work, social work and early years teaching. There are opportunities to learn many new skills which are useful for other careers too.

Because the double award course consists of eight units, the content covered by this subject is broad. Therefore, Health and Social Care boasts a large staff list, with a wide range of expertise. All staff are experienced teachers of the subject.

Staff responsible for delivering the course:

  • Mr Alker (SA)
  • Mrs Boothman (SJF)
  • Mr Rosser (SA)
  • Mr Taylor (SA)
  • Mrs Shannon (SA)
  • Mr Tillyard (SA)
  • Miss Swales (SJF) 
  • Mrs Fletcher (SJF)
  • Miss Hitchen (SA)
  • Mrs Cuthbert (SA)

AQA Specification:

GCE Health & Social Care

Single or double award option


This course is available to a variable ability range, reflecting the diversity of careers in this sector. Students receive support and guidance throughout and are taught by an experienced and skilled team of staff. Preferred entry is grade C in English and Science. 


AS level Course Structure


Unit 1: Effective care and Communication

A portfolio unit enabling students to study the communication skills in a variety of care settings, it also introduces students to quality of life factors and the skills and techniques used in effective caring.



Unit 2: Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Care Pathways

An examination unit which develops knowledge and understanding of a range of health conditions, (including stroke, leukaemia, schizophrenia and diabetes) and the appropriate patient care pathways which are commonly followed based upon a patient-centred approach to care.


Unit 3: Life as a Challenge (double award unit)

This examination unit explores a range of challenges faced by people due to disability, mental health issues and social circumstances. Some of these include Cystic fibrosis, bipolar disorder, young caring and autism.


Unit 4: Educating Children and Young People (double award unit)

This portfolio unit introduces students to the theory and practice of learning in education, giving the opportunity to visit local primary schools and plan (and deliver if possible), a learning situation. A variety of educational theories are explored along with the strategies and techniques used when educating young people.



A level Course Structure



Unit 6: Practitioner Roles

A portfolio unit which aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the world of work within the health, social care, children and young people and community justice sectors. It enables students to research contrasting job roles and reflect upon their own suitability for them.


Unit 7: Food and Fitness

Develops understanding of food components and balanced diets required to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of client groups. Also explores a range of different aspects of exercise which help maintain the fitness, health and well-being of individuals. Examined.



Double award also includes unit 5 and unit 10



Unit 5: Learning and development



Unit 10: Diagnosis, Treatment and Preventative Strategies

This examination unit aims to introduce a variety of diagnostic techniques and the principles and key points practice of a range of common medical treatments. There is also focus upon ways in which common diseases and disorders can be prevented.



General Comments

The applied approach of course content prepares students well for higher education. Students gain the understanding and skills needed to become a successful professional on a related career pathway including Midwifery, Primary school teaching, Occupational therapy, Social work, Childcare, Paramedics, Counselling and Mental health nursing amongst many others. Skills are transferrable and some candidates successfully choose alternative career pathways, away from the subject area.


The Course is flexible; Single or double AS and A level qualification pathways are available, as is the opportunity to gain a double AS award and then drop to a single A level award in year 13.








Useful Websites

Students are provided with two detailed and approved textbooks during the course.

Varied and effective teaching and learning activities for a range of topics, throughout the course.

Students learn a variety of transferable skills such as data collection techniques, analysis and evaluation of project work.

Students are very positive about the course, identifying many enjoyable aspects. The course is accessible, relevant and interesting.

Health and social care enjoys a good value added score and is among the best A-level performers for student value added results.

For more information contact Mr Alker (SA) or Mrs Boothman (SJF)


GCSE Health And Social Care
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